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Portugal has: The most beautiful library in the world!

Aktualisiert am 7. April 2019 von Algarve Guide

The American portal „Book Riot“, which is devoted exclusively to the topic books, honored in Portugal, Lisbon library in the National Palace „Palacio Nacional de Mafra“ as the most beautiful library in the world.The wonderful institution is literally hidden in the Palace of Mafra.

What makes this award so special is the reference to the way in how the 35,000 books are kept and geschüzt in state. To protect against insect infestation in the library 500 bats are held during the day waiting in boxes on their nightly use and destroy any insects, larvae, flies and mosquitoes overnight. Bats destroy almost twice their own weight.

Also contributing to the award of the beautifully processed floor of the library in Mafra, which is made ​​of pink, gray and white marble. Wooden handrails on the balconies, held in Rococco style shelves and integrated into leather copies of the most precious treasures library make this place a special one.

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